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Why Boonski?

The folks behind Boonski are interested in helping reduce the fears of investing in real estate. By producing a report based on a property's info a person can get an objective assessement to go along with any other info they have. Most of the time when one invests in a property, it's a major investment. Make a mistake and you could lose your life savings. We at Boonski want to be another piece of data to help you decide if the investment is a good one.



Calculations are based on experience gained from investing and solid research. We've seen a lot of people make mistakes when buying real estate. Our job is to help prevent that. Each real estate deal is different, but the intent should always be to make money. Our philosophy is that one should make money when they buy the deal and their ROI should be solid from the start. Our report can help you determine your ROI and whether your expenses are in line with the type of property you're buying. It's very important to get the expenses determined as best you can - independently if possible. Often times Realtors will put expenses in that are much lower than actual values. The ROI they show will often include a factor for the increase in value of the real estate. Our philosophy is that's the wrong thing to do. When investing in real estate, we believe positive cashflow is king - any increase in value of your asset is gravy.

Make sure you understand interest and are investing in the right direction